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School Workshops

All our Circus, Dance and Drama workshops are designed and coordinated by Miz.  She is a qualified teacher and experienced community artist with over a decade of experience of working within and alongside schools to enable students of all ages and abilities to achieve.  She is also a fully qualified and insured Children’s Fitness Instructor,  Aerial Circus Instructor, Arts Award Adviser and Chaperone. Miz will carefully craft a workshop around your learning aims to complement the ongoing learning in your environment.  Workshops can be used as enrichment, engagement and well-being activities, to explore cross curricular links or be tailored to fit your programme of study.


Circus Workshops:

The benefits of engaging in circus activities are well founded. In addition to developing coordination, balance, agility and encouraging healthy lifestyles circus skills develop confidence, social skills, resilience and perseverance.  In addition, the process of learning many skills engages both the right and left side of the brain simultaneously, this creates new synapses in the brain and encourages new perspectives to be seen and connections to be made.  Sweet Circus have a range of circus workshops available to you and we are always keen to tailor and customise to your needs.


Circus Skills taster session:  One or more instructors will provide instruction and demonstrations in a carousel of activities typically including, juggling, plate spinning, flower sticks, and poi for example.


Aerial Circus taster session: Instructors can bring a portable rig and provide a beginners session in /aerial Hoop, Silks, Trapeze or Sling (weight restrictions apply).  Depending on the number of students, it may be necessary to combine this with the circus skills taster mentioned above.


Juggling Breaks: While it is unlikely a student / pupil will learn to juggle in a single session, instructors can provide a series of shorter workshops which take learners through the process of learning to juggle.  Juggling is renowned for its ability to calm the mind and increase focus and concentration.  Whilst useful for all learners these workshops work particularly well for SEND pupils who can use juggling breaks as a coping strategy whilst at school.

Not just for Kids!: Juggling breaks and other circus workshops are also available as CPD opportunities for staff. We can even leave you with a bag of juggling balls to keep in the staff room and actively encourage staff to engage in this stress relieving activity.


Maths and Circus:  Hula hoops and circles!  This cleaver workshop explores circles, working out circumference, measuring and calculating averages whilst learners create their own hula hoops for use in school.


Movement and Dance: Dance workshops can be customised to compliment your current topics.  All dance workshops are designed to develop learners movement vocabulary and enable them to apply simple choreographic devises so that by the end they have made something of their own.  Popular choices include ‘bollywood dance’, use of props and comedy, but dance can be used to explore any topic from ancient Greece to the modern Olympics through to relationships and even rain forests.


Make some noise! stomp style workshops:  There are two options available here, body percussion which links music, tribal dance, and street dance, or junk drumming which includes comedy and drama.  You can have just one or combine both into a single workshop.


Drama:  As with Dance, Drama Workshops are improvisation based with the aim of allowing students to create something of their own.  As a circus based organisation our workshops tend to focus on physical theatre and street performance however our accomplished practitioners are able to create workshops to suit your requirements and explore any topic.


At Sweet Circus we pride ourselves in delivering top quality professional workshops at a good value for money.  We don’t just turn up and wing it! Learning is important to us, which is why we have a team of experienced and reliable practitioners who we deliver along side to ensure you are getting the very best for your staff and for your learners.  A standard arts practitioner rate of £200 per day is usually charged, however this is dependent on travel, materials and length of workshop / workshops.  We are always happy to negotiate for longer term projects, or individual sessions.  All instructors are DBS checked, insured and most are also first aid qualified.