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About Classes


Circus Monkeys

These classes develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as confidence, resilience, team work and positive body awareness. Sessions incorporate ground skills practice; Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, flower-sticks etc. and Aerial skills; hoop, trapeze, silks or rings.  Friday class has a greater emphasis on Aerial work.


SSS – Supported Strength and Stretch for adults

'SSS' or Supported Strength and Stretch is a new exercise experience. Mobilise joints and wake up muscle groups in this relaxed class with your weight supported in a loop of silk fabric. Perfect if you have been away from exercise for a while, if you want to try something new or if you are Aerial Curious! Please note you may be required to ‘spot’ for each other (assist each other and keep each other safe). **To book this course at the cheaper membership rate please purchase the SSS membership before the 1st class in the 4 week course.**



Sweet Circ-ed

Circus inspired class for children (age 5+) in the home ed community. Learners will be introduced to a range of Circus Skills including ground skills such as juggling and plate spinning as well as aerial hoop, silks or trapeze. The course can form part of your Home Ed Curriculum involving physical activity, social skills and performing arts.


NEW ** 50+ Social Circus
50+ Social Circus is a new session we are trialling at Sweet Circus.
Social Circus is the perfect way to remain active, engaged and social.  This relaxed session will introduce you to a range of circus inspired activities and pass times which you can share with your friends while making new ones along the way.  Oh - and give you a party trick to two that will impress even your grandchildren.
Learning circus skills will help you to maintain and improve mobility, flexibility and motor skills.  Improve memory and thinking skills. Help keep you active and improve your general fitness.  Develop your confidence and bring you into contact with new people with similar interests.
Come along and give it a try.  Wednesdays 2 - 3pm at St. Elisabeth's Church in Old Town. ONLY £3.50.  Bring your friends.  Starts Weds May 1st for 4 weeks.

Active Cherubs

This class is suitable for children age 6 – 16 and is situated in a fully equipped Aerial Fitness Studio.  Classes involve a short ground-skills session, followed by a warm up.  Students are then divided in to age / size / experience related groups to work on aerial equipment.    As with all Aerial Studios this one is cold during the colder weather so ensure you bring layers and parents wishing to stay and watch will also want to wrap up!

**This class needs to booked direct with Active Cherry Fitness by clicking HERE**


***Please wear suitable clothing that covers the backs of knees and bring a water bottle to all classes.***