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Sweet Circus offer a range of Festival & Events Packages guaranteed to add some circus spirit to the atmosphere of your event. We are also experienced in providing workshops and free play sessions for schools, community groups and team building experiences for corporate training. 

We can add an original twist to your party, wedding, product launch or promotions. 

Bespoke packages are available for every eventuality.  Click HERE to download more info.



We can offer bespoke packages for your promotions, product launch, corporate event, function or exhibition. 

Let guests get involved with some juggling or plate spinning tuition, have our cheeky sweet shop freaks play pegtag to attract customers or have one of our aerial sweet servers tempt guests and customers. 


Improve your team with our training, have employees develop simultaneous use of left and right brain through juggling, bond and build team skills through circus play and challenges and encourage a healthy active lifestyle which contributes to happy healthy employees. 

Why not introduce a 10 minute juggling break in your place of work each day, Sweet Circus can get you started.



Events & Festivals:

Sweet Circus are experts at providing circus play activities and beginner workshops that are really popular with children and adults alike.  We can even offset some of the cost to you by bringing along our pop up circus shop. 

Ambient performance is available as well as walk about and peg tag.


Play: We come with a range of equipment and friendly circussy folk to run a circus free play area / arena. This activity is popular with families, children and adults alike and tends to be busy for the entire duration of the event.

Alternatively, if you prefer we can organise more structured circus play sessions or workshops.


Hang: If the location is suitable we can bring an Aerial Rig and provide a series of taster workshops and demonstrations for your guests.

Audiences always gather when the rig is in use and performances can be included at an additional cost (weather dependent).


Buy: Our pop up sweet circus stall is an attractive addition to an event.

It enables guests to purchase an item they have enjoyed exploring in the freeplay area or get some sweet treats.

The stall can be used by event organisers to subsidise the cost of other activities.

Bespoke packages are designed to meet client requirements. You can play, hang and buy or just take a single element of the package. 

Performances and walkabout activities are also available.


Education & Community:

Bespoke workshops are available for community groups and schools alike.

Carefully structured activities encourage reflection, exploration, taking ‘safe’ risks and develop team working and social skills. 

Our team has extensive experience with groups from all backgrounds, including those with additional needs.

Workshops are perfect for developing confidence, resilience and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

All our workshops can be customised to explore a given theme, work towards a specific qualification, or to develop a particular skill. 

Circus workshops can be booked as a taster or as a series of sessions which enable learners to develop skills. Both aerial and ground skills sessions are available.

Dance workshops can be customised to fit your age group, class sizes, topics and objectives. Contemporary, character, prop work and Bollywood are all popular choices.

Make some noise – Body percussion and Junk drumming.

These stomp style workshops are great fun and very loud. Practitioners will provide an introduction to body percussion and teach a few basic rhythms before participants work in groups to develop their own rhythms which will then be composed into a group ensemble.

Junk Drumming can be included during this workshop or as a subsequent follow-on session.


Weddings and Parties:

As well as the above we can provide a sweet shop with a ‘free bar’.  Circus play and activities for younger guests or for all as required at your wedding or party. 

Why not have guests welcomed and ushered by some of our unusual characters, aerial sweet servers and cheeky sweet shop freaks.